Hello Blog World!

Today, on the 9th of July in the year 2012, I, Janel, start a blog. My little space in this wide world of web.

I suppose I shall start with why I am here: To document my recently discovered passion that is… sewing. I began learning how to sew on my own in the Fall of 2011 . (Unless you count half a semester of home economics in 8th grade, which I really don’t). I browsed the Craft & Hobbies section at the public library and obsessively started stalking sewing blogs. All of a sudden, a whole new world was opened up to me!

Last September, I came up with the brilliant idea (as I usually have) of making my Halloween costume (Dorothy of Wizard of Oz)!

Mind you, I had never even opened a pattern envelope. So I purchased an old Brother VX710 from Craigslist for $40 and I was set!

Or so I thought…. Every couple stitches, the thread would get tangled and I’d have to re-thread all over again. I came to learn that the tension was all off but once I had the tension just right, I was ready to go!

Or so I thought again! LOL! Deciphering the pattern instructions was almost like reading another language with all the lines and arrows, phew! Gets ya dizzy just lookin’ at it! Eventually, after studying like I was back in college, I was able to understand the jibber jabber! I sewed my eyeballs out trying to finish the dress in time, using every last minute as I hemmed the dress with iron-on tape. And that didn’t even matter! What mattered was that I had completed my first wearable garment!

Me as Dorothy and Dan as The Tin Man

Sewing has taught me a lot, not only about how to construct clothes, but it has also taught me patience. It has given a creative output and made me discover a hidden passion. I’m super excited to be starting a blog to share my creations and hopefully, get to know fellow sewing enthusiasts! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hello Blog World!

  1. Janel , I am so thrilled that you have found you niche in life . What makes you happy in life !!! You are amazing !!!! And you can cook too !!! Geez ! I am proud of you baby… I love you.

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