Finished Project: M6360 Black Liquid Leggings

For class this week, the assignment was to sew either a pair of elastic waist pants or an elastic waist skirt. I choose to do the elastic pants and when I saw this black shiny swimsuit fabric at Joann’s, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to make: HOT PANTS.

OOOH yes! I’ve seen these liquid leggings everywhere and I’ve been ogling for a pair!

M6360 was the perfect pattern! After measuring the width of the hips and subtracting the seam allowances, I cut out a size 6, which according to my calculations, allowed for 1″ of ease.

I choose view D for the length, which fit perfectly being  27″ inseam.

I’m really happy with the fit! It’s doesn’t feel TOO tight and there’s enough length on the bottom to give it that scrunchy look.

Liquid Leggings

This project was most definitely the easiest pattern I’ve sewn.  I wish I had more excuses to wear stretch pants, because I would make this 100 times!


One thought on “Finished Project: M6360 Black Liquid Leggings

  1. wow!! what a great look! so 70’s disco ball-esque! i have some liquid leggings and i love them, but they’re not as shiny and pretty as this pair.

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