Finished Project: M6044 Dan’s Black & White Gingham Collar Shirt

After almost a year of sewing, I figured it was about time to make something special for Dan the Man. That and Joann’s was having a $.99 cent sale on McCall’s patterns! So I snatched up M6044.

Line Art

Dan choose view B with contrasting collar band and inside of the cuff (both red). He was very adamant on no yolk and only one pocket (or none!). For an interesting look, I cut the pocket and cuffs on the bias.

I found this project extremely enjoyable and easy to complete! I made all the seams flat felled (first time!) and the inside looks just as beautiful as the outside! This was also my first time sewing with gingham (let alone anything with horizontal/ vertical stripes). At first, I was deathly afraid of messing up and not lining up the lines perfectly, but the lines on the fabric actually helped a lot! Kinda like working with grid lined paper!

I cut out the medium size (Dan is a 39″ chest), even though he insisted he was a large, and I sewed up a muslin. I was extremely relived to see that the medium fit him perfectly! (*Correction* When I did the fitting, Dan suggested adding about 2 more inches to the length, since he likes his shirts on the longer side. But I forgot.)

I think he looks super handsome 🙂

And he really likes the shirt too! Coming from someone who spends upwards of $100 bucks for just a t-shirt (fashion SNOB! LOL!), I take that as a huge complement!


2 thoughts on “Finished Project: M6044 Dan’s Black & White Gingham Collar Shirt

  1. Love the contrasting collar and cuff band, and the subtle pocket. Have you found the materials to be very expensive?

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