Shopping Trip and Alterations

This past weekend, I treated myself and went on a little shopping spree to Nordstrom Rack! I hardly go shopping, mostly due to my impatience once inside, so this was a big trip for me. While carousing the racks, I began to lose interest FAST.  As usual, the pickings were slim for a person of my stature. But then I had a revelation! THIS GUY can sew! And THIS GUY, who maybe doesn’t have A LOT of experience doing alterations, certainly has had lots of experience with the seam ripper!

It was like seeing the store with a whole new set of eyes! I picked up two skirts, a pair of slacks, a blouse and two cardigans (the only items that fit) within 10 minutes and I was outta there!

Unaltered Pants (Originally $168, Purchased for $25.20)

The pants were a size 8. I took in a good 1-1 ½” from the waist, at least ½” on the inside and outside seams of the legs and chopped 4″ off the bottom.

I pinched in the sides of the pants until it felt like a comfortable fit.

The blouse was a size XL. I took off 2″ from the shoulder seam and 2-3″ off the side seams.

Unaltered Blouse (Originally $68, Purchased for $11.98)

After looking at the photos, the only issue I have with the pants is the horizontal lines in the frontal crotch region.  The pants didn’t feel tight  but I’m assuming that the pull of the fabric means that I should let out the seams a bit.

Any suggestions?

I was in a bit of a time crunch as I worked, seeing as I had a job interview the following day and I wanted to wear something new. Guess the hard work paid off because I got the job!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Shopping Trip and Alterations

  1. Hi, great idea and what a great way to take advantage of bargain prices You’re right about the drag lines across the front of your pants. That is an indication that you’ve taken them in a bit too much. A good fit will glide over the body with a bit of ease for movement. I always know it’s diet time when those pesky cross lines show up in the hip/crotch area of my pants. For a fitted pant you want a minimum of an inch added to your hip measurement to allow for ease.

  2. Hi Janel! This is Karissa from your sewing class. I absolutely love your blouse! I hope I can find another one like yours! You’ve inspired me to think outside the size and try altering too! 🙂

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