Finished Project: Self-drafted 1/2 Circle Skirt

This is a project that I finished a couple months ago and I must say, it is one of my favorite summer pieces.

Beige Circle Skirt- Front ViewThe fabric is a non-stretchy rayon from Joann’s. I made a pencil skirt sloper based on my measurements, so whenever I want to make a skirt, I trace the sloper and I use the slash and spread method to create the fullness. I converted the darts into pleats in the front and back.

Beige Circle Skirt- Back ViewI went a little crazy for exposed zippers, once I learned how easy they are to insert!

Beige Circle Skirt- Zipper ViewThe zipper doesn’t quite meet at the top, but its rather minor. Can you see the tiny snip that I accidentally made next to the zipper? Neither can I! (Most of the time…) But hey, what’s a self-made garment if it doesn’t have a few flaws? (That come with learnt lessons. In this case, don’t be too over confident  with the scissors when trimming the seam allowances !).


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