Finished Project: Self-drafted Tee

What you are seeing here is an actual UFO turned FO (finished object)! When I bought my Juki MO-735 back in April, I attempted to try it out on this jersey tee, but I didn’t know that I needed to adjust the differential feed, so the seams didn’t stretch with the fabric. To the top of the UFO pile it went and didn’t see the light of day until today! (By the way, if you are looking into purchasing a serger, I highly suggest buying one during April, being serger month. I got mine for almost 50% off!)

Striped Jersey Tee- Front ViewI traced the body of a shirt that I like the fit of and cut the fabric on a bias to create the sideways stripes. The more I look at it, the more it looks like a referee jersey :/ oh well. I drafted the armholes, hence the wanky look. I had to keep pulling on the arms to make them stay up. I might end up chopping them off and making a tank.

Striped Jersey Tee- Back ViewI can’t tell if this is due to a swayback or because I didn’t completely pull the shirt down. From the back view, I can definitely tell the armholes aren’t in the correct placement. Besides these minor fitting issues, I really like the deep v-cut of the front and back. I made sure that the v wouldn’t show any bra band. I left the neckline raw and finished the hem with a lovely coverstitch. 🙂

Striped Jersey Tee- Coverhem


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