Finished Project: Summer Maxi Dress

This dress will be dubbed the “one hour dress” because that’s how long it took to make!


The dress only has three seams: the two side seams and at the waist. I used a RTW (ready to wear) racer back tank top that I had on hand and drafted the maxi skirt. I got the idea to make this maxi from a similar one that I purchased in L.A. several years ago. The belt came with that dress!

I purchased the fabric from a small mom and pop fabric store in downtown Pomona. My sister, whom I LOVE fabric shopping with because she always finds the best coolest fabrics, found this on the discount table for less than $2 a yard! I made her a maxi dress, but used an off-white tank top, cause you know, we’re twins. We have to be a little different :).


I finished the hem with a coverstitch. Boy, I love my serger! I used to loathe hemming anything. Now it is my favorite part of sewing!


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