Finished project: Another Circle Skirt!

Since I started sewing, I developed an obsession with circle skirts! Not only are they difficult to find in the stores, but if I am lucky enough to find one, they are usually waaayy too short to wear outside of the house!


I try to make the hem of my circle skirts a tad longer in the back, to account for the bump I got back there. Looks like I was a little too generous, but it still works.


I used the same pattern as the beige skirt, the only difference is that I added more fullness as I slashed and spread. Oh the fun I have twerking patterns!

This skirt was actually a UFO since April because of yet another sad attempt at a lapped zipper.


I was tired of seeing this once highly desired skirt, sadly lay in the bottom of my closet, so I ripped the zipper out, closed the seam and added elastic to the waist. You can kinda see the stitching and ruffling of the elastic at the top of the waist band, but I can hang with that.



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