Finished Project: M6744 Racer Back Aztec Print Dress

While I was waiting in line for my fabric to be cut , I was perusing the pattern bin and came across a couple fun summer dress patterns, M6744 being one of them! It’s been a long time since I’ve sewn a commercial pattern since I’ve been drafting and manipulating my own. I made view B, the racer back dress, but made it short instead of a maxi.

M6744- Front View, Head Down

This dress wouldn’t have been possible without my wonderful partner in crime, my Juki MO-735. The neckline, armholes and hem are all finished with a cover stitch. After sewing the bodice and skirt together, I measured a piece of elastic to my waist, keeping it taut, and then serged it in, stretching as I went along.

M6744- Front View, Close Up

I had to shorted the bodice by 4 inches and the shoulder seams by another 2 inches. I took the hem up 2 inches as well. Hey, I’m a little guy!

M6744- Back View
I bought this lightweight poly-jersey recently at another hidden jem mom and pop store. Stay tuned to see what I create with the rest of my loot!

Fabric Shot


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