Finished Project: Sew Retro Bombshell Dress

I’m so happy to have finally finished the bombshell dress after having it as a UFO for over a year! I really enjoyed learning new couture techniques such as catch stitches, fell stitches, adding channels for boning, and molding cups with needle punch.

photo (9)

The dress was pretty much finished besides attaching the lining, adding the zipper and finishing the hem. Here’s what the inside looked like without the lining attached:

photo (1)


Still a little mushed looking from being folded for so long! The reason why I put it down in the first place was because I had difficulty inserting the lapped zipper. So instead of fussing around with it this time, I just inserted a regular zipper.

photo (4)

Another benefit of inserting a regular zipper besides the ease, is that it can give you a smidget of extra room to work with! The bodice is extremely snug, but in a ‘nothing’s gonna fall out’ kinda way!

One hand out

This was definitely worth the time and patience to make such a perfectly fitted dress. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Finished Project: Sew Retro Bombshell Dress

  1. Wow! This looks so great on you! I got to exactly the same point as you with this dress before abandoning it to go on holiday! Seeing how lovely yours turned out, maybe I need to dig it out again..!

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