Finished Project: McCall’s 6433 Generation Next by Melissa Watson

It just so happens to be that one of my sister’s best friends is the lovely Miss Melissa Watson, the designer of this fabulous pattern. Upon seeing my last project, she asked if I would make one of her dresses and I’ve been eyeing M6433 in view A for quite awhile now.

photo (11)

This was my first time making a pleated skirt which was really easy to make! The dress is nicely fitted with the pleats in the skirt and on the shoulders and multiple darts on the bodice and skirt.

photo (7)

I shortened the bodice by 1″ and the skirt by 2″. After I sewed it up, I ended taking the shoulders up by 1″ too. I also changed the back to look like the front!

photo (6)

And surprise! A lovely exposed zipper too! I love cotton, but it shows every gosh darn wrinkle! Instead of lining the bodice, I drafted the neckline and armhole facings using the Colette tutorial.

photo (1)

Ahhh… beautifully finished seams and catch stitched facings :). Here you can tell where I fixed the shoulders. Instead of ripping the shoulder seams apart, I just pulled the shoulders up and sewed them together! Quick fix to a slouchy shoulders!

photo (4)

Green happens to be my favorite color and I can definitely see this being my new favorite dress! 🙂


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