Finished Project: Forever XXI Inspired Dress


I drafted this dress, mimicking the style of a Forever XXI dress that my sister owns.

photo (1)

The bodice crosses in the front and the shoulder seams are connected with a sheer piece of black poly chiffon. This whole dress is actually polyester, a Joann’s sale purchase that I’ve had in my stash for over a year now.

photo (8)

The armholes are a bit big, which could be solved by pulling up the shoulder seam, but I would lose the sheer shoulder piece. :/ The side slits were created after I tried the skirt on and couldn’t quite pull the hem down all the way. That’s thinking fast when I’m trying to get at least a wearable muslin!

And hey! Those are fully functioning pockets too!

Back View


I shot these photos after a bike ride, hence the battle scars on my legs. Speaking of battle scars, my left arm bears the wounds of a fight with an iron. My right arm has been scarred with the fires of cooking. I’ve got some dangerous hobbies.

photo (12)

I finished the facings with black bias binding; my first time using it! I must say, it was quite tricky lining it up with the poly chiffon but soooo much easier than trying to press a narrow hem. The whole dress comes together with an elastic waistband! Ol’ faithful! After a few pattern adjustments, you’ll be seeing more of this number. 🙂



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