Finished Project: M6744 Purple Silk Wrap Dress

This was my first time working with silk! And I held my breath through every stitch.  I don’t buy expensive fabric because I’ve only been sewing for 2 years and at this point in my sewing journey, I would rather buy a dress for the price of a yard of some fabrics. I was extremely fortunate to have been given this fabric. (See post on Butterick 5526 Black and White Gingham Collar Shirt).


Initially, this dress was going to be like the palm tree dress, but the more I worked with the silk, I realized the elastic waistband would crinkle this beautiful fabric, so I opted for a wrap dress instead. I sewed the sides up and left the front open with a hook and bar to keep it closed. I drafted the capped sleeves and belt.


I tried making a 5/8″ hem on the neckline but the stitching looked horrible on the silk. I think it might have been because I used a universal sized needle :/ . Instead, I cut a second bodice and used it as a lining, understitching the neckline to keep it from rolling out.


I really like how there is no zipper too! The back looks so much more neat!


I finished the hem by hand with a catch stitch and left it a bit longer than the palm tree dress.

My overall experience working with the silk was way better than I anticipated. I’m looking forward to making many more items with this fabulous fabric!


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