Finished Project: My First Knit Sweater – Agatha Cardigan

I’m so excited to have finally finished knitting my first cardigan! I first learned how  to knit the basic knit/ purl stitches when I was in middle school from my dads gf at the time and that was ALL I knew when I started this project. When I saw  Lauren’s version over a year ago, I was determined to make this exact cardigan.

photo (2)

The back, front and arm sleeves are detailed with a beautiful lace pattern. I knit the sweater longer than the cropped version in the pattern pictures.

photo (5)

I purchased this pattern in January 2013 and started with a green yarn. Reading the pattern was like learning another language. Every couple stitches, I would have to stop and youtube how to make stitches like ssk, yo, k2tog, and sk2p. And after I thought I had the stitches down, I would go back to count my work and find out that I was missing several stitches or had extra stitches. It was so frustrating! So I took a break and made a cable knit scarf out of the green yarn. After that project, I bought a red worsted yarn, ready to tackle this pattern again. I went into this project knowing that the red yarn was thicker than the recommended weight, but I was so in love with the red, that I kinda over looked that detail :/ .

photo (2)

When I tried the sweater on, it looked like something my grandma would knit me. And she didn’t knit. These photos were taken before blocking, which means it would have stretched out quite a bit more.

photo (5)

I stopped knitting this one before adding the button bands and collar. This was a good learning experience because I now understand the importance of buying the right yarn! And doing a gauge test first!

photo (6)

It is still a tad big because I used 5.5mm needles and I should have gone smaller :/ . Oh well. Stitch, unravel, learn. That’s my recipe for knitting a sweater. And a lot of patience. ALOT. I must have unraveled and started over at least a 1000 times just trying to learn the advanced stitches required for the lace pattern.

photo (17)

This cardigan was well worth it. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Finished Project: My First Knit Sweater – Agatha Cardigan

  1. I love that I found this post, I’m only a basic knitter so far but I just fell in love with this pattern. I’ve literally just bought it and I’m chomping at the bit to get started on it but have been feeling a bit daunted when I opened up the pattern. I think I just need to throw myself in and get started and like you, learn as I go!

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