Finished Project: Colorful Maxi Dress

I may look dressed up…


but secretly, every woman knows that maxi dresses are just crotch-less yoga pants 🙂 LOL! I read that on one of those ecards and couldn’t agree more!

I had made this skirt with the intention of making a second version of the colorful maxi skirt, but without the dramatic slit being so front and center. In order to do that, I made the skirt pattern as two back panels, overlapped and open at the side seams. The bodice is the two front panels from the maxi skirt.


I had the dress sitting on my dress form for weeks, finished but lacking something. And one day it just came to me! I added cuff bands to the shoulder straps and back to bring it all together.



I love it! It’s dramatic, yet classic. Kinda like me 🙂 .

3/11/14 *Edit* Download The Exquisite Maxi Dress Pattern! Click here.

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