Finished Project: Twylem Cardigan in Stockinette

I’m so proud to present my second knit cardigan! I’m officially a knitting addict! photo

This sweater is on Raverly (follow me!) by Vanessa Smith called Twylem. The cool thing about this pattern is that it comes with two options: reverse stockinette and classic stockinette.I fell in love with the front cabling and lack of buttons on this cardigan. This is the same red worsted weight  yarn that I used for the first version of the Agatha cardigan (see post). The yarn sure is weighty! I used about 7 balls of yarn for this sweater. The collar lining alone took one ball.

photo (4)By the time I got to the waist and counted my stitches, I realized I was something like 15 or 20 short. I added a bunch of stitches in a couple rows and you can kind of see that right before the ribbing starts.

photo (8)After I sewed the collar pieces together at the back, I noticed that I stitched the seam on the outside! It’s all good though, because most of the time, the collar is flipped down and all you can see is the lining ribbing.

photo (18)I thought the sleeves would have stretched out more when I blocked but they still looked awkwardly short so I just rolled them up once. I usually tend to roll my sleeves up to 3/4 length anyways.

This is the perfect cardigan to gear me up for the colder months to come! This picture my sister sent me pretty much sums me up.winter is coming

Gotta be prepared! 🙂


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