Finished Project: Green Chuck Sweater

I’m in love with Chuck! AKA my new cabled pullover sweater! This is my second sweater by Andi Satterlund from Ravelry (click here to see my first).

photo (1) - edited

The whole sweater came together in less than a month! It helped that I only had to take it apart once, but that was towards the beginning so it wasn’t a total time loss.

photo (21)

Can you see where I missed a cable? The original Chuck sweater is a cropped length. I knew that I would get more use out of a longer one, so I knitted an extra cable wrap (if that’s what its called..?) on the front.

photo (10) - edited

photo (3) - edited

The sweater is a great fit! This is an xs. I’ll definitely be making another one in a different color!

photo (18) - edited

My apologizes for the weird looking photos! I’m still learning the photography/ editing side of this gig! 🙂


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