Finished Project: The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook – Pea Coat

After spending a year packed away, I finally brought out my Burdastyle pea coat!
photo (2)

I actually didn’t even wear this coat when I finished it last year because I didn’t have any buttons. I tried a lot of different buttons but it’s kind of hard to find the perfect set, so I just left a single mother of pearl button on the waist. I think the coat stands on its own.

photo (7)

The wool, lining and sew-in interfacing are from my first online fabric purchase about two years ago.  I was surprised to find a super thick, fibrous wool when I received the package, seeing as I was expecting something softer. I guess that’s the risk of purchasing fabric online! (And why it probably was my last).


I sewed the interfacing in using permanent long basting stitches.  This was the first time I worked with sew-in interfacing! I really liked the firmness it gives the wool.

photo (17)

Lining! My favorite!

photo (13)

This coat came together very nicely. Even the vent was a piece of cake!  I’m usually not a big fan of princess seams, but I must say, I do like these princess-ed seams.  Pockets, pleats and princess seams. It’s got all the P’s!

photo (5)

I’m in love with the fit of this coat! I would love to make it in a black wool or even as a black raincoat. But where’s the fun in that? I find it impossible to resist vibrant colors and exquisite patterns!







11 thoughts on “Finished Project: The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook – Pea Coat

  1. Lovely coat. Why don’t you try your hand at covering your own buttons, not that I have tried it, but apparently it is not too difficult, and ideal if you cannot find any buttons for your project.

  2. Love the coat! I’ve currently got that book out from the library and a friend wants me to make that coat for her. I’m planning on making the motorcycle jacket variation of that pattern.

      1. I’ll keep that in mind about the sleeves. I haven’t bought the fabric yet and it’s coming into summer so it will probably we awhile before I make it but I’ll remember to show you 🙂

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