Finished Project: 2013 Britex Wool Winter Coat – Vogue 8346

I purchased Vogue 8346 about two years ago and I sat on it, as I looked for the perfect wool. Last winter when I was moving from San Francisco back to So Cal, I had to make one last stop at my absolute favorite store, Britex. And there I found this amazingly soft green wool (I can’t resist anything green- it’s my favorite color!).

photo (18)

THIS is what wool should feel like! Unfortunately last year’s pea coat doesn’t feel quite as nice. Although good wool can be a tad expensive, I highly recommend beginning sewers to try it out! The fabric works with you more than anything else out there!

photo (16)

I think it looks a little baggy in the chest area. But that might be because I’m just wearing a tank top underneath and not something thicker (it’s still summer weather here!).  I choose to use 3 hooks and bars as closures. But if I find the right buttons, I’ll definitely add some.

photo (12)

I used the collar from option D, but I shaved a whole 2″ off and I’m so glad I did! The pattern recommends using shoulder pads, which I tried, but they didn’t look right on me, so I took x-nayed those puppies.


I had just enough sew-in interfacing left over for this coat! Granted it’s not on grain, but I really can’t tell the difference with this. I am enjoying the process of hand stitching the interfacing!

photo (23)

The blind stitches barely show on the hem. That’s how fabulous this fabric is!

photo (21)

What makes this coat even more luxurious is the silk charmeuse lining! This was a LA garment district find.

photo (11)

This coat is like wearing butter! I could probably sleep in it, but I won’t! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Finished Project: 2013 Britex Wool Winter Coat – Vogue 8346

  1. Hello, Your job is really nice ! I’ m working on the same model, with the same length. Just a question about interfacing : did U put it only on few pieces (front facing and collar) or a bit more anywhere else? The fabric I’m using is a cashmere and wool mix and I find it a little too thick….

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