Finished Project: M6294 Blue Blazer

This is my second version of M6294 that I finished a couple months ago.

photo (13)

I purchased this pattern when I first started sewing and was determined to make a blazer! (I think this was my second or third project!).


I even made some pretty neat looking welted pockets! This is a photo from when I made it in April of last year. I wore it once but just didn’t feel comfortable in it because it’s a little big in the waist and the lapels are too big for me. So the second time around, I shaved a little over an inch off of the lapels, took it in a pinch at the waist and shorted the length.

photo (8)

The buttons are just for show. I usually roll up my sleeves, so I didn’t even finish the hem of the sleeves.

photo (4)

I bought this fabric online and thought it was black but when I got it, it was blue!

photo (9)

This is a great staple. I mean, how can you go wrong with a blazer?  🙂



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