The Geometric Jumpsuit

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! My blog projects were put on hold these past couple months as I made pj’s for the guys in my family, dresses for the ladies and knitted infinity scarfs for everyone! As usual, I was still working on Christmas Day to finish a few final stitches and rushed to wrap everything (wrapping is not my forte :/ ).  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the joy on their faces as they unwrapped their gifts, but I am sure they were happier than the first year when I started sewing and made scoodies for everyone (a scraf + a hoodie).

In lieu of a new project, here is one that I made back in October. Sometimes I’ll take photos of multiple projects at a time and later I’ll decide to nix some from posting. This jumpsuit is one of those.

photo (12)

I called this the Geometric Jumpsuit because of all the squares on the print. Kind of fits, right?

photo (3)

The jumpsuit is a mishmash of ideas and patterns. I loosely cut out V8751 for the bottom and I drafted the upper part from this image that I saw on Pinterest:

Back of inspirational jumpsuit

 photo (8)

I just guessed what the front looked like, drew it out with my measurements, plus extra ease, and made the straps. It all comes together at the waist with  a 1/2″ wide elastic. The bodice facing is finished with a lining.

photo (6)

Technically, this is a muslin and, for a muslin, it’s not to shabby!

Thanks for reading and here’s to a fabulous 2014!

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One thought on “The Geometric Jumpsuit

  1. I LOVE your jumpsuit! I’m a onesie girl, I’m happy they are back, although I have a few vintage patterns for them, as well. Good job on frankenpatterning this one. It’s a nice drapey style and the fabric is SO fabulous!

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