The Perfect Tee: My First PDF Pattern!!

I’m super excited to share The Perfect Tee as my first PDF pattern, so you can make your own Perfect Tee!


I had already drafted The Perfect Tee in multiple sizes, but it wasn’t until I received the encouragement from a lovely commenter, that I learned the in’s and out’s of PDF-ing! What’s great about The Perfect Tee Pattern, is that I drafted it on dott marking paper so it’s easier for matching and printing accurately to scale.

What’s even cooler about this pattern is the many ways you can make this your own by simply changing the shape of the neckline and length of the sleeves. While I was on my quest to stock up on long sleeved shirts, I made a Perfect Tee without the low back scoop.

photo (3)

I cut out an XS for my Tee’s, especially when the fabric has a lot of give, like this black jersey that I have been using A LOT. Even though black can be a bit boring, I’m glad I purchased a lot of this fabric because I’ve been getting more wear out of my completed projects.

photo (23)

Check out my Etsy shop to download The Perfect Tee Pattern!

photo (12)

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Tee: My First PDF Pattern!!

  1. So happy to see your pattern. I remember commenting when you posted your shirt that if you made a pattern I would buy it. So I purchased it today. Will let you know how it works out for me. Good luck to you!

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