White Blouse (Butterick 5526) & Leopard Skirt (New Look 6123)

Today’s post is a two for one: A crisp white blouse and a wild leopard skirt!

photo (1)-edited

The blouse, Butterick 5562, is one of the first patterns I ever purchased. The first time I made it (in view D, not blogged about), I was still figuring out how to follow the instructions on a pattern. Last August, I made this pattern in view C, but didn’t make any changes to the pattern. This is view D, with many tweaks. 1) I removed the poof in the gathered sleeve by folding out 1/2″ from the sleeve cap, all the way down to the wrist.

photo (4)

2) I brought the shoulder seam line up by 1″. I found that my gingham collar shirt kept riding back on my shoulders every time I wore it. 3) I shortened the waistline by 2″, since this is my typical commercial pattern adjustment. 4) And added 2″ to the bottom to accommodate for the shortening at the waistline.

photo (10)

5) I drafted the collar pattern, since I lost it, and attached it to the blouse without a collar stand, for a flatter look. 6) I also combined the button placket with the front part of the blouse, to eliminate a seam line.

photo (11)

The skirt is the bottom half of  New Look 6213, that I used for the black & blue dress, with a few tweaks.

photo (14)

I cut out a size 8 and used a 1/4″ seam allowance. Instead of following the patterns dart placement, I just did the good ol’ pinch and pin method in the mirror until I got the right fit. And by the look and feel of it, I got the perfect fit! I omitted a waistband, as adding the lining finished the top of the skirt. The lining is my favorite part!

skirt lining

The vent didn’t come out quite as vent-ish as intended because I used a 17″ long regular zipper, but I like the look of the unintentional slit.

photo (5)

The blouse is a cotton and the skirt is a very soft suede from Joann’s.

photo (15)

Thanks for reading!


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