Polka Dot Skirt & White Tank Bodysuit

Happy belated fourth of July to those of you in the USA! My intentions were to publish this post on the day of our nation’s birth, but other important things were happening, like parties, hot weather and beach time!

I brought this outfit with me as an option to wear on the fourth as my patriotic expression (white and blue with red lipstick), but it got cut for a dress instead. The skirt is just a simple rayon challis circle skirt with an elastic waist band. The pattern is a self drafted go to pattern that I pull out when I want to make a quick project. Let me just mention, this was my first time working with rayon challis and I have to say, it worked with me beautifully. I finished the hem with a 1/4″ single needle double fold, and the fabric folded with an ease that I hadn’t experienced. Normally while hemming a circle skirt, the fabric doesn’t cooperate and either won’t press in place or ends up getting mushed in areas where there is extra fabric gathering, leaving a sharp point on the right side of the fabric when pressed. This circle skirt had absolutely no issues – it basically sewed itself!


The bodysuit is a rayon spandex blend that I made by using an existing bodysuit as a pattern. I made my new bodysuit a tank with a scoop front and back neckline, instead of the capped sleeves and sweetheart neckline of my beloved old one. I applied self fabric binding to the neck and armholes. I had to apply the binding twice because I cut the binding too long and it was too stretched out the first time. The leg holes of the suit are finished with a double needle coverstitch and two metal snaps at the crotch. I opted out of modeling the bottom portion but I hope you got the picture of what it looks like because that ain’t blog material!


Oh and if you haven’t noticed, I emerged from my cave and shot this round of photos outside! There’s nothing like natural sunlight to improve a photo sesh! And if you have been wondering what the little device is in my right hand – that is my new bluetooth remote control for my iphone camera. I used to take a video recording of myself modeling my outfit and later, I would watch the video and screenshot images, until I got an image I liked. This new way is SOO much faster! I just pose, click and repeat and get my shots in about 10-15 takes as opposed to 30 some screenshots I would shuffle through.

Till next time… PEACE!!!


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