Burgundy Maxi Skirt & Long Sleeve White Bodysuit

If you followed my last post, the white bodysuit may look familiar. The fabric is the same heavy rayon spandex that I used in my tank bodysuit, but for this bodysuit, I double layered the fabric to avoid any opaqueness. Even though it is a heavy knit, I wanted a bodysuit that had a little more structure. Initially, I had intended to make only one body suit, but I cut the neckline wrong on my first cut, so I chose to make the tank bodysuit (which only has one layer).
IMG_5524I finished the neckline with self binding and the sleeve/ leg hole hems are finished with a double needle cover stitch, with two snaps at the crotch.


I made the skirt out of a lovely rayon challis with a pattern that I previously used to make a maxi dress. The hem is a single needle double fold and the waist band is finished with 1/4″ elastic. It’s a little difficult to tell in the photos, but there is a slit at the front where the two panels overlap, with enough fabric for complete coverage.

IMG_5488It was extremely hot taking these photos with the double layered bodysuit – it’s definitely an item I will have to save to wear for the cooler months!

Till next time… PEACE!!


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