French Terry Bomber Sweater Jacket 

I finished this jacket a couple months ago but I didn’t wear it, let alone blog about it, until I fixed the wonky zipper last week.

This is actually the first zip of sweater I have made! I drafted the sweater from one of my favorite leather bomber jackets. Unfortunately, when I drafted this, I didn’t use pattern paper (I was out!), so this is one of a kind! Next zip up I make, I will be sure to make a physical pattern!  The French terry fabric came from a remnant sale in la and the rib for the cuff and collar was leftover in my stash. Since the f/t was from the end of the roll, you can see a slight knitting line in the back (or maybe you can’t see it!). It’s definitely noticeable to me after working in the garment industry.  Here you can see the top stitching around the armholes and collar: imageAnd that’s my French terry bomber! Another simple casual staple for my wardrobe!

Thanks for reading! PEACE! 🙂 image


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