Return of the Flannels

With the weather finally dropping, it’s time to bring out the flannels! I actually made these at end of last winter season and didn’t get around to blogging about them till now. Both were made with my tried and true collar shirt pattern, Butterick 5526, that I used to make my black and white gingham and my white blouse. When working with plaids, I love to cut the pockets and cuffs on the bias, for a cool contrasting look.   For the pink one, I only cut out one arm before realizing I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the other one. I thought about giving up on the project, but instead I cut the 1 sleeve into two and cut 1 sleeve out of a black fleece, which I cut into 2 and used as the back of both sleeves. Quick fix and I love the way it turned out!   

 The sleeves on the green flannel came out longer than the pink version (Im not sure why…), so I like to wear this one with the sleeves rolled up. 

 On this one, I added a back yoke cut on the bias with a small little pleat in the center.

   So there you have it! Two made by me flannels that I’ll be wearing through the cold days to come! 

As always, thanks for reading! PEACE! 


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