About….. ME!

First and foremost, it needs to be mentioned that I am cat woman. Fully pledged and proud of it! I have one named Tim. I cook extremely well, a talent that I’ve picked up from my mother. I’m a hip-hop junkie (hollllaa!), I speak Spanish fluently, I looooveee the beach and I am a twin (fraternal sister)!

Growing up, I was never big into fashion, let alone a good dresser. My sister got those jeans (pun intended!). But once I started sewing, a whole new world opened in front of my eyes! I was finally able to express my personality without having the sizing issues or exorbitant prices found with the “good” ready to wear clothes. I’m a tad on the short side, standing at 5’1″, thus, learning to sew has saved me loads of money from hemming my own pants.

Stay tuned as I create a signature style and share some nifty tips, learnt along the way! 🙂




12 thoughts on “About….. ME!

  1. Howdy Janel,

    I just wanted to comment on how impressed I am by your sewing skills. I think you’re super duper talented and I wish I wasn’t so addicted to the smell of a department store, otherwise I might be inclined to follow in your size 7 footsteps. Keep up the good work and make sure you name a dress after me when you’re big and famous!

    much love,
    Your twin Joely

  2. Hey there sweetheart, just read ur blog, very interesting. Didn’t know u were so short. But I knew u had some hidden talent in there somewhere. Keep it going, u’ll only get better. Keep enjoying ur talent.

  3. Nel, I am always proud of your achievements . You never cease to amaze me. Thanks so much for taking in my dress. I love it ! You did such a wonderful job. Soon I will no longer have to go to the tailors !! Just joking. Maybe you can show me and your sister a few tricks !! We certainly can use some lessons. Right Joels? I enjoyed reading your little bio/profile. You crack me up kid ! Glad you found something you enjoy doing baby. The world is yours! I love you. Mommy

  4. Hi, Janel
    I stumbled upon your blog and it is so inspirational to young sewists! You definitely have your own flair and determination through the roof! I am a 62 year old petite woman who has been sewing all of my life, not only to save money, but to remain true to who I have always been in terms of my own love of fashion and creative outlet. Stay with this, you are definitely gifted. I will continue to follow your blog. By the way, I am still sewing, my last project was a Vogue dress for a new years eve wedding and I have to admit, I rocked it! Funky but classy, who I am at this stage in my life. I also am sewing for my two darling grandaughters. God bless you, keep rockin’ at that sewing machine! Loretta Somerville, Pittsburgh, Pa

    1. Hi Loretta!
      Thank you for such a lovely compliment! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog- I will definitely continue sharing my creations! Your granddaughters sure are lucky to have an awesome grandmother who sews for them! And you go girl! Rock that vogue! 🙂

  5. Hi, Janel

    I left you a note in August but entered it in the “sewing projects” section of your header. Hope you are well, have not had a reply, praying that you and yours are ok.

    1. Hi Loretta! My apologizes for not replying back sooner, thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I have been doing well, working a full time job now. I am still sewing and because of your support, I will return to blogging my projects!

      Thank you Loretta, god bless you!

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