Black Everyday Dress

Aside from my black wrap dress and a circle skirt dress, I didn’t own an everyday black dress before I made this essential. But I didn’t want to make any sheath dress, I needed one that wasn’t too tight and casual for everyday wear.


For this pattern, I just pulled one of my favorite knit dresses from my closet and used that as a template. Although I do have a sheath dress pattern, I knew that this dress already fit me perfectly and I wouldn’t have to fuss with paper or fix any measurements. The fabric is a heavy rayon spandex that I’ve had in my stash for quite some time now. I used two layers of fabric for this dress to avoid any possible see through-ness and visible undergarment lines. I finished the neck and armholes with 1/2″ self fabric band – one of my new favorite ways of finishing garments. The hem is finished with a double needle cover stitch.


It’s hard to tell the looseness of this dress due to the dark color, but it is there! Especially in the waistline. I really like the way the fit turned out! It’s comfortable but I don’t feel sloppy.

This is how I wore this dress to work one day:


I’m so glad 90’s fashion is coming back! Denim jackets and vests are definitely my steez! :)

Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more sewing projects!

Till next time …… PEACE!!

Back At It With Basics

It has been well over a year since my last post, and I can happily say that I am back! Shortly after my last post, I began working full time at a fashion design and manufacturing company. My primary title is Customer Service Representative, working a lot with product development and production. I must say, there are days where I want to rip my hair out and have a nervous breakdown due to the amount of stress and error that occurs on a daily basis, but I truly do love what I do. I’m constantly learning new material and a lot of what I learn, I apply to my sewing projects! Which brings me to why I’m here! To show you my projects! :)

Although my time has been extremely occupied, I still always have at least a project, or two (or three!) on my table. What passionate seamstress doesn’t ?

Aside from small altering jobs for my sister, I have been making a lot of basics for myself. Every time I show my sister, who is also my roommate, a newly finished project, her reaction is : “Oh great…. another shirt… just what you need.” (sarcasm implied). But really it is JUST what I need! On a typical day at work, I am running to and fro in the warehouse and the office, so I HAVE to dress comfortable. Usually I’ll wear a t-shirt and jeans with my chucks and a hat, depending on my mood.


This is a perfect example of what I wore to work one day! I have about 3 different colored v-neck tees that I wear ALL the time, so of course, it only made sense to make another one. I love this purple knit, so I just copied a v-neck tee that I already had by laying it out on top of the fabric and just cut, always making sure to leave enough for seam allowance and voila! I’ve been doing this a lot lately, mostly because I ran out of pattern paper.


Obligatory back shot. I am really stoked the way this basic tee turned out! This was my first time adding a neckband, and I was so shocked at how easy it was to apply and professional it looked.

Since we’re on the topic of basics, I’ll include a couple more in this post!

This one here is my design, The Perfect Tee.


Believe it or not, I didn’t own a stripe tee before this one. I would borrow my sisters, but eventually it started looking tattered. I know there’s like billions of striped tees in the stores, but I could never find one I really liked. Solution? Make my own!

IMG_5301Simple, basic and well fitting. As this next tee is! The pattern is The Perfect Tee, but I made it short sleeve and removed the deep back scoop.


As a side note, I’m living in a new place, hence the new photo location, so I’m still working out what area of the apartment works best for my photo shoots. Or if I should try outside (probably), and forget about what the neighbors think lol. I was actually riding my bike the other day and saw someone posing, for what I assumed, was his blog, because he was dressed hella dope!

Well that’s it for now! I have a good round of finished projects lined up to show you, just didn’t want to overwhelm ya’ll in one post.


The Exquisite Maxi Dress – PDF Pattern

Seeing as winter is over here in sunny California, that means one thing: Maxi dress time!

The Exquisite Maxi Dress

You may recognize this dress from a previous post, which it is! I made a few changes, adding a waist defining sash, larger cuffs on the straps and for this dress, I didn’t overlap the front panels as much as the colorful maxi dress, for a deeper neckline plunge. I also PDF-ed the pattern (along with detailed instructions) and changed the name to “The Exquisite Maxi Dress!” Because it is extremely exquisite (and comfortable)! Check it out here!


The fabric is a fabulous find from Joann’s. It’s mostly polyester, but it has such a soft feel! It’s definitely a summer staple!


I made this dress out of 4 yards of fabric, but I definitely recommend getting 5 yards, especially if you want your sash to hang longer than the knot I have in the picture.



Thanks for reading!

Floral Silhouette Dress

As the rain was coming down here last week, I was working away on a fun floral dress!

photo (16)

The pattern started as the shift dress from the pattern book, Built by Wendy. I came across this book at the library and immediately checked it out, along with the biography of Balenciaga and a dummies book on fashion illustrations (which is quite educating!). Initially, I was going to make a straight shift dress with the floral broadcloth (from Joann’s), but I saw a couple scrap strips of black broadcloth that were the perfect size for the side panels in the silhouette.

photo (4)

I measured the shape that I wanted of the silhouette and transferred the measurements to the paper pattern. As with The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook, no seam allowances are included in Built by Wendy, which is easier for changing up the style.


I didn’t make a muslin for this dress. Instead, I sewed the seams using a long stitch length for easier removal during fittings. I ended up taking more up through the shoulders, so the final length of the dress came out a little shorter than I would have made it, but now its more of a mini style!

photo (14)

The neckline is finished with a self fabric facing and the armholes with a black bias binding that is inwardly turned. See the hem stitch? Neither do I! That’s a blind hem for ya! After several failed attempts at adding the zipper to the the back, I closed it up and added the zip on the left side seam of the dress.

photo (15)

I’m a new fan of the side zip!

photo (2)

Sun’s out, gun’s out! I’m ready for Spring! Thanks for reading!

White Blouse (Butterick 5526) & Leopard Skirt (New Look 6123)

Today’s post is a two for one: A crisp white blouse and a wild leopard skirt!

photo (1)-edited

The blouse, Butterick 5562, is one of the first patterns I ever purchased. The first time I made it (in view D, not blogged about), I was still figuring out how to follow the instructions on a pattern. Last August, I made this pattern in view C, but didn’t make any changes to the pattern. This is view D, with many tweaks. 1) I removed the poof in the gathered sleeve by folding out 1/2″ from the sleeve cap, all the way down to the wrist.

photo (4)

2) I brought the shoulder seam line up by 1″. I found that my gingham collar shirt kept riding back on my shoulders every time I wore it. 3) I shortened the waistline by 2″, since this is my typical commercial pattern adjustment. 4) And added 2″ to the bottom to accommodate for the shortening at the waistline.

photo (10)

5) I drafted the collar pattern, since I lost it, and attached it to the blouse without a collar stand, for a flatter look. 6) I also combined the button placket with the front part of the blouse, to eliminate a seam line.

photo (11)

The skirt is the bottom half of  New Look 6213, that I used for the black & blue dress, with a few tweaks.

photo (14)

I cut out a size 8 and used a 1/4″ seam allowance. Instead of following the patterns dart placement, I just did the good ol’ pinch and pin method in the mirror until I got the right fit. And by the look and feel of it, I got the perfect fit! I omitted a waistband, as adding the lining finished the top of the skirt. The lining is my favorite part!

skirt lining

The vent didn’t come out quite as vent-ish as intended because I used a 17″ long regular zipper, but I like the look of the unintentional slit.

photo (5)

The blouse is a cotton and the skirt is a very soft suede from Joann’s.

photo (15)

Thanks for reading!

Quick Weekend Projects

Before delving into a new project, and while plotting what my next move is going to be, I like to rummage around my sewing room for anything that needs a quick fix. My godmother gave me this grey dress, but it needed a few alterations. No big deal for The Seamstress from Venus! :)


I took the shoulder seams up 2 inches and added elastic to the waist. This alteration shortened the hem too, which is what I wanted!

photo (2)

Now it fits much better!

I also made a quick leopard infinity scarf! (Well, two- one for me and one for my godmother.) I’ve worn the heck out of a leopard scarf that my dad got me for Christmas a couple years ago.

photo (4)

It only took two yards of fabric (I think it was 56″ wide). I didn’t do any measuring for this! Just tore the fabric in half, folded the half in half, and sewed right sides together. To complete the circle, I sewed as much as I could with the right sides together of each end, flipped it right side out and finished the little open hold by hand. Super simple!

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!



Happy Valentine’s Day – The Black & Blue Anti-Valentine Dress

Happy Valentines Day! My intentions weren’t to finish this dress in time for a Valentine’s Day post, but I did, so I added the “Anti-Valentines” because I’m riding solo this year! Black and Blue, because duh, it’s black and blue!

photo (2)

The pattern is New Look 6123, view C without the arm flange.  I made view B back in August.

photo (18)

I cut a straight 8, but used a 1/4″ seam allowance in the skirt. By the look and feel of the bodice,  I need to take more in via the darts. I finished the neckline and armholes with black bias binding tape. Next time, I’ll shave off a bit of the neckline and front armhole.


I love the lightweight feel of the fabric! I found it at a little old fabric store with mostly fabrics for quilting. It’s definitely a poly cotton or rayon.

photo (11)

I wanted the V-cut to go lower but I ended up taking in an extra inch in the zipper, so it brought up the depth of the V. The zipper is just a regular black zip- all I had on hand! There’s also a vent back there too!

photo (20)

This is a great pattern for a bold print like this! I definitely have plans to make a few more!